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26 March 2019 – Workshop

Co-operation Framework of InterMET Asia, World Bank-GFDRR, Global Weather Enterprise Forum


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26 March, 09:00-18:00 Main Conference Room

This Global Weather Enterprise Forum workshop will discuss the policies, funding, provision, and accessibility to high quality weather information needed for the future

Facilitated by:

  • Patrick Benichou, President, Meteo France International
  • David Parsons, Professor Emeritus, University of Oklahoma
  • Michael Staudinger, Director, Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics

The workshop will be structured ‘World café style’ with tables of participants discussing specific issues around each table and reporting back in plenary mode. The questions to be addressed will include:

  • How best can the provision of weather data be funded in future?
  • What are the best ways to incentivise data exchange nationally, regionally and globally?
  • How best to exploit the move from a data economy based on capital-investment towards one based on service-provision?
  • What are the distinctive aspects of data access for research and operational purposes that require different solutions?
  • How best to promote and incentivise data quality?

Background to this Workshop:

The provision of weather information of increasingly high-quality has been a scientific and technological success story over the past half century. As an example, tens of millions of observations of the weather and climate system are captured every day and turned into actionable weather forecasts and climate projections that save lives and protect infrastructure.

However, the demand for more accurate information, available more widely with greater detail is increasing rapidly not least because of the impacts of climate change. But there are major gaps in the global observing system that remain unfilled and access and utilisation of weather information in the developing world is far from adequate. Factor in the changing landscape of the global economy and it is clear that there are both opportunities and risks in ensuring that in future accurate and reliable weather information is available for all.

The Global Weather Enterprise Forum has identified, as a result of several participatory events over the past few years, that there are a set of key issues that need to be addressed around the future provision and access to weather information. It is by enabling high-quality weather information to be available to, and utilised more effectively by, many more people across the world than today that the impacts of extreme events can be mitigated. This workshop aims to focus on several of the key questions that have arisen and to seek solutions that can be recommended to the global weather enterprise for consideration and action.

The scope of this workshop will cover the full range of weather information including:

  • observations of the Earth-system,
  • numerical predictions/projections,
  • weather forecasts and tailored products.

It will involve debate regarding national and international policies, regulatory frameworks, and mechanisms necessary to incentivise the maximum amount of high-quality weather information being available to the maximum number of people. Throughout, the issues will be viewed through the lens of examining the roles and requirements of the academic, public and private sectors and how they can best co-operate for mutual benefit.