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Dr. Hanneke Schuurmans, Leading Professional Flood Resilience | Digital Water, Royal HaskoningDHV

BlueLabel | Flood Risk Management at your fingertips

Climate change is rapidly introducing climate related risks for the urban environment. Extreme weather events are occurring more frequently, and the impacts of these events are more dramatic than before. It is essential to understand and quantify these risks, in order to be able to plan, implement and manage flood resilient activities – from infrastructure and development, to the daily running of lives and businesses.

For these reasons, an adequate understanding of flood risk is vitally important. BlueLabel provides insight into flood risks at your fingertips by offering the first digital water vulnerability scan in the world that gives detailed information into rain induced flooding down to the square metre. This translates into a risk label (A-E) on individual buildings, streets and infrastructure, which reflects the risk of flooding. The ultimate aim is to encourage and be proactive in preventing disasters, rather than devising recovery measures in the aftermath. BlueLabel aims to empower governments, industries, organisations and home owners to take specific measures that will mitigate the risks of rainwater flooding.

The City of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, hosting the Global Centre of Adaptation, and active partner within C40 network and RC100, is the early adopter of BlueLabel. Johan Verlinde, Programme Manager, Rotterdam Water Delta Plan: “Our city is vulnerable. Doing nothing is not an option. BlueLabel enables us to communicate with private individuals and companies, and to actively involve them. Smart, digital solutions such as BlueLabel help Rotterdam to become even more climate-proof. That makes it more attractive to live and work in our city.”

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